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special olympics and ME

special olympics and ME

This is me doing backstroke for my swimming club called Sharks

this is me doing my special training for the games

I am a very good swimmer.


I have to do a lot of training every Monday and Thursday.


Our club called Sharks needs money so we can travel to competitions. This is a video we made. We need your vote to WIN!

Swimming in Rome 2006
Here I am in Rome at the European Youth Games in 2006. In Rome I won a gold and a silver medal. It was a great experience. I can't wait for Athens this year in 2011
My medals from the National and European games
I have a total of 16 medals from the National and European Games.
My medals and me

In this photo I am wearing my t-shirt for the World Games in Athens on 19th June 2011.

My Special Olympic medals
I have swam in Cardiff - 2001, Glasgow - 2005, Rome - 2006 and Leicester -2009. These have been for the National and European Games.
This is me swimming at a gala in Southampton this year.

Special Olympics is a big part of my life. My confidence has grown and I have made lots of great friends since becoming part of it. It has also helped me keep really fit.


All my swimming medals from previous galas.

Brussels April 2011

We took the Eurostar to Brussels in April to get training from the Rix Centre so we could start building our own wiki websites about Special Olympics.

the Great Britain flag
I took this picture in Skiathos. Some of Mamma Mia was filmed here.
Runcorn reunion Oct 2011

On 28th- 30th October 2011 I went to Runcorn for a reunion/farewell weekend. We played funky games and I got to see some of my friends. Which I really enjoyed. I stayed in a hotel with my Special Olympics friends and coach. At Runcorn we had 2 discos. We had one on the first day and one on the last day.The first disco was a beach disco and we had to dress up. We also had Final Mamma Mia disco. The discos were so much fun, the highlight for me!

My recent galas for sharks swimming club

5th November 2011, Southampton swimming Gala

20th November 2011, Guildford swimming Gala

18th February 2012, Southampton Gala. Disability Region South East

24th March 2012, Guildford Gala

I have enjoyed every single one and I keep winning medals.


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